How it Works 3D Fiber Lash Kit

Not your regular mascara

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Hairatin 3d Fiber Lash extension kit is a revolutionary set of mascara + Fibers that enhances the thickness and length of your lashes by 500% instantly. The nourishing collagen Gel will prepare your lashes by adding moisture. The applicator is specifically designed to separate your lashes for a smoother and more natural look, preventing clumps or excess. The brush combs evenly to separate and lengthen lashes while providing ultimate adhesion for the micro fibers to attach.

The high performing Vegan Fibers are natural micro particles of the same protein found on your lashes. 10 times thinner and lighter than other fibers, it will easily attach to the collagen gel. Fibers are elastic to allow an easy and even application. This lightweight formula is water proof and can be re-applied multiple times until the desired look is achieved.