Hair Building Fibers Technology

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Hair Fibers – what are they? Is it paint? Is it a spray? Is it to cover the scalp? The answer is no. No spray. No paint. And it is certainly not for your scalp.

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Hairatin Fibers are a hair enhancer that works on your existing hair. Once applied, the micro particles of keratin will adhere to your existing hair to turn it thicker and fuller, to the point where your scalp is no longer visible.

Hairatin’s  electrostatic composition binds fibers to hair strands 500% better than any other leading brand. Our fibers  have a dipolar charge –one end is positive and the other end is negative– meaning that anywhere it falls, it will bind strongly. Traditional fibers tend to fall onto the scalp and not adhere to the hair, falling onto the face.

Hairatin Hair Building Fibers are not conventional fibers or hair powder. Our unique Color Formulation results in translucent fibers that are as shiny as your hair is. Once applied, they blend, becoming undetectable, without leaving an opaque-matte look to give you under the radar result.

Plus, they are Ammonia free.

Hairatin Vs Others