How it Works Hair Fibers

Hair Building Fibers

If you just came across Hair Fibers you might feel a little confused about it. Is it paint? A spray? A liquid to cover the scalp? The answer is no, it is not liquid or paint and it is not for your scalp.

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Hairatin Fibers is a hair enhancer that works on your existing hair to turn it thicker to the point where your scalp is no longer visible. This means that this 100% natural magnetic micro fibers will adhere to your thinning areas so that your own hair can conceal your scalp.


Not all hair fibers are the same

Hairatin hair building fibers  are not  conventional Hair fibers or hair powder. Hairatin’s  unique Color Formulation results in translucent fibers that are as shiny as your hair is, so once applied, fibers will blend and becomes undetectable, without leaving an opaque-matte look.

Hairatin Vs Others

Hairatin building fibers works different than conventional fibers. Since Hairatin is real fibers and not a powder, the particles resemble the hair’s natural cuticles and will blend and adhere onto each hair strand to act like an instant “hair fattener,” turning each strand thicker and fuller to the point that hair loss can no longer be visible. Conventional hair fillers are powder-like “fibers” that fall directly onto the scalp as an attempt to cover the affected area and conceal hair loss.