How To Use Hair Fibers

For Women

For Men

Hairatin Hair Filler Fibers color mimics the 100 tones on real hair, so no need of mixing colors to achieve the perfect match. Fibers are also “colorfast” which means they won’t run or rub on clothes or pillows. This is the perfect women’s and men’s hair fiber. If you have salt and pepper Hair, you can use the Gray color along with the brown of preference. Always apply the gray first.

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Dry and style hair as usual.


Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and Lightly shake it into thinning areas. For best results apply little by little and shake the bottle sideways or slightly tapping it at the bottom to disperse evenly.


Gently pad hair to disperse fibers.

You May Also Consider

Use Hairatin FiberMist Hold to bond and secure fibers through rain and strong winds.

Use Hairatin Optimizer in areas like the frontal hairline to avoid fibers falling directly on the skin.


Usage Tips

  • For best results apply on clean and completely dry hair.
  • Do not use any hair product before the application.
  • Brush your hair before applying.
  • Don't put on too much product and remember to disperse HAIRATIN hair fibers by gently patting the applied area.
  • Your hair must be at least half inch long for the fibers to be effective.
  • Do not use on completely bald area.
  • Do not touch the scalp with the bottle.