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Four 3D Fiber Lash Extension Kits


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Product Details

Instant lash extension Four kits 3D.

Get the wide-eyed look of faux eyelashes at home without the harsh chemicals or side effects.

The Lightweight, black sculpting natural fibers are built on to your own lashes and Instantly enhances them providing dramatic length and extra volume.

• Brush and bottleneck wiper help apply the right amount of gel
• Natural fibers stay in place all day
• Easily removable with water, make-up remover or facial wipes
• Ophthalmologist tested
• Suitable for Sensitive/watery eyes
• Watch how here

Directions: 1. Prime with collagen mascara 2. Build with fiber mascara 3. Seal with collagen mascara. Repeat the three steps cycle until you achieve your desired results.
Tip: For best results complete one eye at a time.


  • Collagen Sealing Mascara: Collagen, Water, Natural Propolis, Aryza Sativa (rice) bran wax, Black Iron Oxide, Pantehnol, Alcohol Denat, Iron Oxides (Cl 77499)
  • Fiber Mascara: Nylon-6, Green Tea Fibers, Phenoxyethanol, Black 2(nano) (Cl 77266)

The Gel is long and Fiber is short.

You can use the gel as mascara, but the results won’t be as dramatic.

Yes, it is safe to use with contacts and sensitive eyes.

All day or until removed.

Very easy to remove with makeup remover or a cleanser.

It will feel heavier that a regular mascara, but it will only be felt for the first couple of minutes until your eyes get use to it.

The collagen Gel help moister your lashes and the quality of the fibers are 10 times lighter for a more natural look.

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